Kingston DataTraveler G3 USB Pendrive Recovery

The Kingston DataTraveler G3 is one of the latest models in Kingston’s range of USB pendrives. This pendrive comes in different sizes, from 8GB through to 32GB. This flash drive is part of Kingston’s budget DataTraveler range.

These pendrives often run into some issues. The list below outlines some of the most common problems:

  1. Snapped
  2. “Unknown Device” when plugging into computer
  3. “USB device has Malfunctioned” when plugging into computer
  4. “USB device not recognised” when plugging into computer
  5. Access is Denied – when trying to access the drive
  6. Deleted Files
  7. Dead Pendrive
  8. Encrypted Drive
  9. Lost / Deleted Partitions
  10. Complete Failure / Burnt Out

Please check the above links for more information on these particular faults.

This pendrive is available in different colours, so the image in the post may be different to yours. They are, however, exactly the same.

Here at USB Drive Recovery UK, we are able to recover data from all pendrives with a no data no fee policy, with the option of you being able to receive your data within 24 hours. More information about our USB Data Recovery Services can be found on our website.

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